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Welcome to Krishna Engineering

Our company Krishna engineering is mainly involved in making ETO sterilizer in India. Since we are the leading ETO Sterilizer manufacturer of the country, we put a lot of emphasis on the quality and the features of our products.

Our products are as per the norms of the international standards and they are fabricated from the best quality basic material components. We are not just successful as an ETO sterilizer manufacturer but also well-known for making quality products like Ribbon Blenders, Tray Dryer, Vacuum Dryer, Steam Sterilizer, etc. These products are also widely applied and have a good demand just as our ETO sterilizer in India. There is a huge scope of ETO sterilizer in Gujarat. Several industries like pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, chemical industry, food industry etc esteem our ETO sterilizer in Gujarat.

ETO Sterilizer

eto sterilizers

ETO Sterilizer

>> Hospital ETO Sterilizer
>> Vacuum Tray Dryer
>> Ribbon Blender
>> Tanks
>> Tray Dryer
>> Vessels
>> Strem Sterilizer
>> Autoclave / Steam Sterilizer
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